Friday, March 1, 2013


Medium: Watercolors
Size: 20x30 inches
For prints, original painting, and detail closeups: -click here-

This piece is a little different from most of my others.  Commissioned by Mega Games to be released as a puzzle.  Sounded like fun.

 Started initially with an ink drawing for the design. I only actually inked half of the butterfly, and some of the asymmetrical components.

Then photoshopped it into a single piece.

Color rough done digitally.  Used this as a guide for the actual watercolor piece.



  1. So beautiful!! Gosh, the colors, the symmetry vs. asymmetry. It's all wonderful!!

  2. Sometimes I regret that I`ve become a surgeon. I saw the work of artists in watercolor, but they do not have ideas, only the technical performance and too much lies else (not fantasy, I mean). A few days ago, I placed an order in Kremer. It is a book about pigments and painting in the Middle Ages. At the time, artists created their works like magic spells and used a lot of symbolism. Peacock & butterfly - why not? they are close together by meaning. I like it!

  3. Beautiful colors. I really love it. Do you also make your own pigments? the colors are just glowing and was wondering what you were using. I know you can't give me all your secrets but I would love to learn to get that luminesence that this painting has. Love it. Any special formula for making watercolors or using dry pigment with them? I have some gold dry pigment from Pearl Ex that I sometimes dab a little in the watercolors when I'm painting.

  4. Ok, Stehanie. Your artwork makes me drool! It's agonizingly beautiful on so many different levels. I wish I could just surround my self with all of your art, and not leave the room. Yeah, that would be my vacation!!

  5. Ok, Stephanie. You make me drool! ALL of your artwork is so agonizingly beautiful! I wish I could surround my self with your art and not leave the room for a 2 weeks. That and some dark chocolate, vanilla chai, and a comfy blanket would be my vacation... Yup!

  6. I am so happy to see that you use Photoshop! What a neat way to use many techniques for a wonderful finished piece. Spirit doesn't care what tools you use to capture it and bring it to others, as long as it can make the soul sing. Your works does that for so many. Thank you for sharing your work and techniques to inspire and help others.