Monday, March 18, 2013

Dreamdance: Fear

Medium: Watercolors
Size: 8.5x14 inches
Prints available, and detail closeups: -here-

Satyros Phil Brucato writes for this card:
When Fear traps us in its razor-bladed hell, escape often seems impossible. Yet as long as we’re alive, we’re never truly hopeless. Courage is our weapon in such situations, and while we must eventually surrender to mortality, we can still carve out a life worth remembering before we go.
Sword-dancing turns the art of war into a spectacular skill. Sharp edges cut both ways, and a little bloodshed is inevitable when learning how to use a blade. Still, a person who’s determined (or desperate) enough to master such arts can weave a glorious trail of steel and blood and fire in their wake. To do so, you must learn to face terror on its own terms and make yourself an instrument of change. Literally and symbolically, blades divide one state from another; where one passes through, the landscape gets transformed. In the hands of someone who knows how to use them, blades can cut new paths through apparent hopelessness, lighting a way through the darkness of Fear.

  * * *

Some of the sketches and in progress scans for this piece:

 Initial brainstorm sketches.

Composite sketch pieced together in photoshop, from the rough brainstorming pieces.

 More finalized sketch, ready for painting.

Painting in progress.


  1. Wow!!!This is really deep and interesting. I can't wait till the cards are available.

  2. This is amazing. Heavy in meaning and feeling yet so light in the flow and shape of the characters. There is just so much to see here that I wish I could actually view the painting...the computer photo just never seems to let you see all the layers.

  3. Probably, yes. When all masks are removed, it`s scary. Here is very strong sensation.