Friday, March 29, 2013

Dreamdance: Abandon

Size: 8.5x14
Medium: Watercolors
For prints and detail closeup views: -click here-

Satyros Phil Brucato writes for this card:

Caught in a mosh of inner and external chaos, the Dancer either surrenders or is destroyed. Sometimes such tempests are chosen; more often, they choose us. Either way, we learn to abandon our usual sense of control. If we cling too rigidly to our usual way of doing things, we risk getting mulched by the storms that inevitably come. 

If you choose to Dance with Abandon, embrace the sense of chaos that comes with it. Ride it before it shatters you. In the Five Rhythms practice cultivated by Gabrielle Roth, Chaos comes between the Staccato force of directed energy and the Lyrical harmony where all previous energies flow together. In order to achieve such harmony, therefore, the Dancer must pass through Chaos, shape herself to it, and accept it as a valid aspect of life’s Dance.

* * *
Initial very rough scribbles in my sketchbook for the concept.
 Refined that
 And further refined. Prepped for painting at this point.
Color rough in photoshop, just to get an idea of what direction I'm going to take the colors for the piece. Had a pretty solid vision in mind already, even at the initial brainstorm sketch phase. Wanted the satyr to be a really stand-out contrasting color from the rest of the scene.
 Started painting.

Painting with the color test up on my monitor so that I can use that as reference for my tones.

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  1. Perhaps, I can say smthing wrong... mm... your skills in watercolors are perfect and shine like gold... And you very generally did more than you had to in this technique... perfectionism is like God bless you and it is good in your character. But the art is your servant as a such way of life. It can be ingenious comforts for his employers. What about me... I can see too much devil sensation here. For what?