Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dreamdance - The Elders

Size: 9x13 inches
Medium: Watercolors
For prints and detail closeup views: -click here-

Based on Native American fancydance.  

Satyros Phil Brucato writes about this card:
It’s a timeless dance: the circle of youth, maturity and age. Within it, we Dance our lives, surrounded by an audience of kindred spirits, loved ones and strangers. Ideally, the Elders among us – including, someday, the Elders we are or will become – show their vitality and uphold the traditions that keep us strong. From those Elders, tokens of wisdom and experience fall. Will those legacies be trampled in the dirt beneath careless feet, or saved and passed on to future generations? Will younger people even want those legacies, or will the Elders’ Dance be lost in the shifting dust? It’s our place to decide what is salvaged and what is lost. 

In the various powwow fancy-dances, salvaged traditions get dressed in bright colors, combined into new and vibrant forms, and then displayed in vigorous displays of spiritual fun. Old and new elements blend into spectacular forms of restorative art. Both Dancers and Audience, however, must remain mindful of the steps and their traditional importance. In a moment’s ecstasy, it’s easy to lose sight of important things and have them snatched up, ignored or destroyed. If and when you join the Elder Dance, be careful not to lose sight of precious things, scatter them, or hoard them for yourself. Age grants perspective, but that perspective does not always involve wisdom.

* * *
Some of the sketches that led to this painting:


  1. May be some kind of wedding dance too. I'm looking at a couple of deer. Usually do not look at the young couple, but those who have lived their lives together long time.

  2. I love your art! Please do me a chess picture - with your birdies and foxies playing chess with the fairies. :)

  3. Your art is wonderful,i love it :)I learn Aquarelle Technique,but this is so difficult.Danke for your beautiful blog

  4. I love the genre of anything Native American. Beautiful way of life, beautiful painting. Simply gorgeous. Congrats on another extraordinary painting!