Monday, September 19, 2011

Black Knight of Dark Night

Size: 19x18.5
Medium: watercolor
Detail closeups: -here-
Prints and original available: -here-

The third and final piece in the series, "The Witch's Three". Baba Yaga's trio of knights. I particularly had fun painting the tree in this one, getting the upper branches to fade into the shadows the way I had in mind. I mentioned in an earlier post about a tree I once saw with huge swirling roots that inspired this. Here it is:
Photo from 2004. It's an enormous ficus tree at a botanical garden on Kaui'i. I loved the swirling ridges that the roots shaped. Anyway, the tree in this Black Knight painting is not a ficus, but definitely borrowed from the shaping of this photo.


  1. Wow... that is a real tree? Amazingly beautiful. If only the trees here in the UK would grow that big :)
    Beautiful painting as always. I have always been inspired by the way you paint trees x

  2. Yeah, I feel so tiny there. There are some HUGE beautiful trees in Hawaii! I never knew ficus plants could get this big. We have a tiny little potted one in our backyard, only 2 feet tall. Though, Siddhartha was said to have meditated underneath a ficus tree when he attained enlightenment.

  3. That tree is gorgeous, a natural work of art. I adore your whispy foxes in Black Knight of Midnight!

  4. Fabulous - I love the foxes too. Is the Black Knight deliberately left-handed?

  5. These white and red knihgts are beautiful, but this black is my favorite :-) Great job, Stephanie! You are the best :-)