Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Redwoods and Poppies (and a Red Knight painting)

Nearly finished. Spent the past few days painting towering redwood trees and blood red poppies. Turns out the initial background colors have worked out as I had hoped, their definite not-red tone that I had worried about before, serving to make the red of the poppies really pop out (Popping Poppies!)

I've spent the past few days also coincidentally wandering amongst very similar environs. The poppies that surround me here in California are a bright golden color instead, but the glorious stretch of the redwoods straining up to the heavens possess the majestic tone I try to capture in a forest. The world around me sneaks into my paintings even when I am not consciously attempting it. They become these reflections of an alternate existence, with the thread of a story, idea, concept, that ties them to true reality.


  1. Lovely process pics, I'm looking forward to seeing how the paint turns out!

    One question, in the process images that you've shown I don't see a value study. Is that something that you like to tackle on the fly? Just curious.


  2. Hi Brian! No, I generally do not do any value studies.I kinda do that and colors on the fly and let the painting develop as I go.

  3. Hello Stephanie, I've only recently found you, and just wanted to say how breathtakingly lovely your watercolours are. I could (and will!) spend hours browsing your blog posts... wandering in the glorious gardens of your imagination. Many thanks for sharing your fantasy world with us. Jane Gray