Monday, August 29, 2011

Black Knight Sketch

Black Knight, final piece for my "Witch's Knights" series. Had some time while listening to speakers at SFBATS to scribble some sketch ideas for this. I have in mind misty-dark woods with the moon gleaming through a gap in the central tree. Hoping to polish this sketch a little bit, and then get down to painting it when I return from Dragoncon next week. Leaving on Thursday, and still so much packing to do!
* * *

Alternate background idea. Swirled ridges of the roots here remind me of a huge ficus in hawaii. I know, not geographically appropriate, but tickling my artistic fancy.


  1. I love the swirled roots more. Completely understand the tickling :) They kinda give a "flow" to the background. They also make the foreground pop more if that's your intention.

  2. Love all your works!
    Your paintings are beautiful and I also like all the legends you're inspired by.
    Have you ever thought of made silk scarves or somthing like that with your works, like the bags? They would be beautiful!