Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dragoncon, keyword sketches, and rethinking black knight

A couple more days until Dragoncon. Packpackpacking. It's a little bit easier that I just had a show this past weekend, so at least all my print inventory is in order. It's just a matter of figuring out how to distribute everything into my suitcases and carry-on. Heavy bags -- augh.

* * *

Bunch of keyword cards I've been negligent about uploading.

clockwise: beauty, siblings, journey, dragon, submission, guardian

from the left: jewel, dragon
, tree, oblivion, dreams

harmony, fox, medusa, beauty

clockwise: weatherwax, butterfly, joy, monster, sweetness, roots, oak, hedgewitch

* * *

Rethinking the black knight sketch. I think I like the other composition better. Going with this one instead.... Though who knows, after a week away from it at a convention, I might come back to change my mind again. I'm beginning to think that when I have more time to paint, paintings are just EASIER. I don't have time to question my own judgment - which can be a good and bad thing!

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