Saturday, April 17, 2010

Special Edition (NOT YET, but some ideas)

Okay since I feel like I'm holding people up with my sloooowness, I thought I'd give you guys an idea of what I had in mind for the Special Edition of the deck, so that you don't have to sit by wondering whether you'll want it or not, or to go with the no-frills version available elsewhere. And if you're the impatient sort and want to get your deck right away, I'll warn you up front that I'll probably be slow with getting these out as well, especially since one of the items will be a sketched card.

Placeholder image over here, but it will be updated (and the order button will be turned on) when I've got things ready to go. -preview it here-

Essentially, $55.00 for the following:
* artist autographed kit
* a Major Arcana 8.5x11 inch print of your choice
* a special Happy Squirrel card
* a unique original ink sketch card (7x11 cm, deck card sized)
* a greeting card of the Page of Wands

What's holding things up at this point now is I'm still working on getting the bonus cards (happy squirrel and sketch cards) printed. I figured out a way to make it a fairly close approximation to the actual cards, but it won't be exact. I should hopefully get those in end of this next week and then I can turn the green light on this, but until then this is still not quite 100% for sure.

Shipping within the US is $10.00 for Priority Mail, will be more for international, still have to calculate it once I find out how much it weighs.

* * *

Also, to clarify for a few questions I've been getting a lot of:

Amazon lists it as a hardcover book, is this the deck?
Yes, this is indeed the deck/companion book kit that Llewellyn published, I don't know why they have it listed as a book though.

What's the difference between the book you sell on Shadowscapes, and the kit?
"The Art of Shadowscapes Tarot - Major Arcana" is just that, it's a full color art 8x11 inch book with full page reproductions of the card, as well as a lot of extra sketches and drawings and specifics about inspirations and insights into the creation and the symbolism of the cards. This was my own pet project, and something that I had wanted to do ever since I started the deck years ago.

The deck kit being sold on amazon contains the actual tarot deck of 78 cards, as well as a companion 5x7 inch book that contains the greyscale reproductions of the cards for reference, the card meanings, and tarot spread information and how to use the deck.


  1. The Special Edition sounds groovy! Thanks for clarifying the Amazon listing and the book you're selling.

    Quick question: By "artist autographed kit," do you mean the "kit" for sale on Amazon--but autographed by you? Or do you mean something else by "kit"?

  2. It will be a kit sold by me and signed. If buy an unsigned kit elsewhere and ever happen to see me at a convention I can happily remedy that. :)

  3. Are the original ink sketch cards going to be all the same or every one is different? I love this idea! Are you by any chance planning on coming to DragonCon this September? I'm sure your convention schedule will be much different now with Claire there.

  4. They will all be different, since I'm letting people supply me with a keyword for the sketch. :) I figure that might be fun for me too!

    And yes, I will be at dragoncon this year!

  5. Okay, this is officially more awesome than awesome! The hard part will be deciding which print and what keyword! Thanks so much for putting together such a wonderful and personal special edition :)

  6. I just peed my pants a little.
    For reals.

    I'm assuming you'll make an announcement here and/or on FB when these are available? I will line up outside with my sleeping bag for 3 days to make sure I get one :D

  7. I already ordered the deck 0:)

  8. Yes I'll be announcing it here and dA. Facebook is a direct feed from this blog.

  9. This is sounding groovier and groovier. :-)

  10. Sounds exciting! If I would like to order two different kits shipped to the same address (to save on shipping), how should that order be placed? Make 2 separate orders and email you a heads-up?

  11. Nendil: I suppose that shipping depends on the weight of the package so if you buy two or more the package will weight more so what do you save? It's the same question for me and I'm in Italy :P

  12. Though that is often case for prints Kanuka and Nendil, where the packaging is the main weight cost and the prints themselves don't add much more, it's unfortunately not the same with books or items, where the items will weigh more than the packaging. And so yeah, there won't be much if any savings for multiples.

  13. Total awesome-ness. I'll be preordering mine soon. No trouble coming up with my keyword, its gotta be 'mermaid'!

  14. OMG! I'm so excited I can hardly type. This special edition sounds more than awesome, I can't wait to get my eager little hands on it :D

  15. sounds like I will have to buy the special edition then ^^
    love your idea of an induvidual sketch to go with it

  16. I love the idea! And I will surely buy one of these ^^ Any idea when we can order these?

  17. okay, I was wondering about it since on the 24th of may, it's my birthday, so I get money then, and I'll be able to buy it, and I really want it :)

  18. I want the special edition :D

    can't wait! I'm constantly checking, lol.

  19. I'm ALL OVER the special edition, Stephanie. Let us know when and it's a done deal :D Soooo happy for you, bravo and congrats on the release! <3

  20. I'm definitely planning on getting the special edition!

  21. Stephanie--

    This is such fantastic news! I've waited so long for your Tarot deck and after seeing all the card images, it's been well worth the wait. I want to save up to buy the special edition, it sounds like a great idea.

    I featured your deck in a blog post. I hope I can get more people to buy it and support you!

    Thanks for all your hard work :3
    -- Gally

  22. Stephanie -
    I was thrilled with the book and sketch - it was my Christmas present to moi! I know the special ed will be worth the wait :-)

  23. I can't wait.. what a wonderful package you are offering with the special order!!! I will most certainly be ordering one! It's a beautiful deck and exceptional artwork as always!!By the way the book with the art of your Tarot deck.. Major lovley!I really cherish it! I have been looking forward to the Tarot deck ever since I heard your were creating it!!