Monday, April 5, 2010

Hand It To The Bandit

A little spot of spare time, and a whole lot of silliness. A bit of a family joke....

Dana has complained for the past year about how I won't let him get a smart phone. Our split for household utilities and things is that among other things I get phone bills, and he gets the water/trash bills.

me: Your phone is never even charged, and when it is you don't pick up! You don't need a smart phone!
Dana: *whine*
me: No.
Dana: But-
me: No.
Dana: *whhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine*
me: When YOU want to take responsibility for the phone bills, then go ahead and get us smart phones. (At the time of this conversation, this would probably have necessitated a provider change as well since Verizon didn't have any snazzy good smart phones yet.) Til then you can be happy with a dumb phone.
Dana: I get the trash bill.
me: Yep, and I'm perfectly happy with EBMUD. If I wanted a different trash collector, then I'd deal with it, but since you handle it, you can pick whatever trash collector you want.
Dana: There IS no other trash collector!!! There aren't any other options.
Me: Sure there is...we could pay, and then have Raccoon Trash do our pickups.

Well, "Raccoon Trash" became synonymous with, as Dana puts it, "bullshit service providers"...i.e. Raccoon Trash pickup would do it for free since they would get to root through the garbage bins ("hooray!") and make a big ole stinking mess of it all.

We also came to the conclusion that our cell phone service probably was Raccoon Cellular too since reception is so crappy where we are.

Well, when my father-in-law heard of this, he was tickled. He has since started using Raccoon Industries as an example in his lectures. He's an Economics professor at Stonybrook. In particular, RI's subsidiary Raccoon Refuse. Their motto: Hand It To the Bandit!

Sitting here at my desk trying to bounce Claire to sleep. Ran out of blogs to read and emails to respond to. So here's a bit of photoshop doodling.


  1. Bwahahahaha. Racoon Industries / Racoon Refuse. Sounds like you married into a great family.

  2. Heh! That's great. My Dad would totally appreciate the joke too :D