Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busy Writing

I've been quiet here lately, but it's just that I'm busy writing! Finally getting around to getting that Minors book together. It's taking up all my writing brainpower, so I haven't had much leftover for blogging. I get to dig through my old sketchbooks again to find all the sketches I did for the cards.

Now that our very small garage has emptied out of half of the Majors books, there's a little bit of storage room for me to start considering having this next book printed sometime in the next few months. (Shhh, don't tell Dana, he's only starting to enjoy the reclaimed space again).


  1. I'm a little confused about the books for your tarot and want to make sure when I purchase that I get what I need. I note that there is currently a hard back book, the companion book. Does it only contain the majors? Or one book with both majors and minors? Are there two others, one only majors and one only minors?

    I would love it if you could elaborate on what each book is for, how many there are, and what one needs to have a "kit", deck and book.

  2. "The Art of Shadowscapes Tarot - Major Arcana" is just that, it's a full color art 8x11 inch book with full page reproductions of the card, as well as a lot of extra sketches and drawings and specifics about inspirations and insights into the symbolism of the cards.

    The deck kit being sold on amazon contains the actual deck of 78 cards, as well as a companion 5x7 inch book that contains the greyscale reproductions of the cards for reference, the card meanings, and tarot spread information and how to use the deck. Hope that clarifies!

  3. oh! I get it! Well, now I have to have both. Love looking at your work largescale.

    Thanks for clarifying!