Monday, March 1, 2010

Delving Down the Rabbit Hole

I was at my parents' house this past weekend with the kidlet. We were escaping my miserably snotty husband, as he had come down with a cold which I did not want to share. I forgot to bring my current painting project (The Little Mermaid piece that I mentioned in previous posts). A fact that my itching fingers were regretting, because with the doting grandparents on hand I had plenty of unexpected free time!

And so instead I pulled out an old copy of "The Best of Lewis Carroll" from my bookshelf and made my way surprisingly quickly through "Alice in Wonderland" and then "Through the Looking Glass". The latter I realized I had never read before. That oversight has been remedied however! I've got some wonderland-inspired ideas floating around my head now, as well as mimsy slithy rhymes terumbling through my mind.

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