Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'll be poking my head up out of the Foxhole in a couple of weekends for PantheaCon. It will be over President's Day Weekend, February 12-15. San Jose, CA.

Drop me a note if you plan to attend, and would like me to bring along any particular items. I always hate to disappoint someone when they show up asking for a specific print that I didn't bring. It's impossible to bring my whole collection because there's a LOT!

While I'm on the subject of conventions, here's the (much truncated) list for this year. Many of the shows I've been a regular at for the past decade will be skipped this year, but I'll be back to my normal convention schedule next year.

Feb. 12-15 PantheaCon, San Jose,CA
July 22-25 Comic-Con, San Diego,CA
Sept 3-6 Dragoncon, Atlanta,GA

Meanwhile, a couple of scribble sketches for your viewing pleasure, for projects currently in the works:

wedding invitation commission

ink drawing commission, sleeping-beauty-ish type of theme

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