Sunday, February 21, 2010

A few random things...

Realms of Fantasy Magazine is having a reader poll on artwork and stories from the past year. If you're a reader and enjoyed my illustration for the story "Impractical Cats" in the April 2009 issue, please do vote for me!

* * *

Secondly, my artwork is being featured in this month's issue of Blue Canvas Magazine. The entire magazine can be previewed at the site, and I believe it can be purchased at your local bookstores. It's filled with great artwork!

* * *

And lastly, my zodiac original paintings are now released for sale.


  1. I voted a while ago... for you, of course. ;) There were several good artists to choose from. I wish they had put up for a vote your Sea Witch piece. But, I think it is from a previous year, maybe?