Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zodiac - Gemini

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 10x14.5 inches
for Llewellyn's 2011 astrological calendar

The twins. The higher and lower mind joined by recognition of duality, social and enjoying the company of others, thought and communication.

To view the walk-through of this piece:

The Sketch
Part 1 (background)
Part 2 (painting skin)
Part 3 (main figures and foreground)
Finished Painting


  1. Wow... I have to search the floor for my jaw every time you post something new nowadays. The colors are simply wonderful and I love the butterflies. <3

  2. I'll second \m/. It has been a pleasure to watch you talent grow over the years. This one is amazing.

  3. This is gorgeous, Stephanie! The butterflies look like velvet.

  4. Love the bird! It's like a birdderfly. Is an earth sign next?
    Again, I love the arch designs at the bottoms. They tie the series together nicely and represent the elements well. This one screams 'air sign!'

  5. I love it. Being a Gemini this is perfect. It really captures everything we stand for. Thank you Stephanie for a wonderful picture

  6. I've just been picking them at random to work on Lori, though leaning towards Taurus next.

  7. Perfect as usually. I follow your shadowscapes site and it gives me so much power to create something new. Sorry for my English, I'm from Poland :) This piece I like a lot - Gemini is my sign of Zodiac :) Lovely colors.