Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Winding Wall

"Winding Wall"
size: 7x11 inches
medium: ink

Another ink thanks to John Shannon's photos of Yorkshire Dales in the UK. I loved the way this wall wended a path along the hillsides, weaving through the oaks.

This piece is a bit of a combination of my recent experiments and my usual work. The melding is more noticeable if you take a look at the detail shots for closeups on some of the texture in the trees and shadows. Toying around with ideas of how I can work this type of texture with color as well (not for this piece in particular, but in general).

Although, playtime is over, gotta get back to working on another Dreamscapes chapter before the end of this month. Self-made deadlines. Promised myself I'd start up again on the 15th.


  1. I have to say I am really loving this new style! It is a wonderful blend of the style I have always loved in a beautiful new direction. I hope to see more as time allows you.

  2. Yes, I definitely will be doing more like this. I'm having fun with it!

  3. Mmm I'm loving the bits and baubles of swirling ink lines you've tucked into the corners and textures of this one. Really inspires me to pick up the pen again. I haven't touched gestural drawing in so long, but it is indeed an old love.

    Gotta love those self enforced deadlines! I'm struggling with a few myself, currently. And people say working at home is easy!