Tuesday, April 21, 2009

dA prints of ink drawings

"From Sea Foam"
Medium: Ink
Size: 7x11 inches

Since I don't offer my ink drawings as prints from Shadowscapes, I've decided to add availability of them through deviantArt. As well as some miscellaneous others that are not sold as prints on Shadowscapes. Mostly it's the recent ink drawings of the past several months.

Along those lines as well, I'm still on the hunt for a good printer for Inklings II. It's been several months of wrangling. Unfortunately the printer who did the first Inklings for me went out of business. So it's left me in the lurch in getting reprints of it, and in getting this second volume off the ground. Was aiming to have some in time for Comic-con (mid-July), and in January that seemed like "Plenty of Time!!!" And then the months creep by and I'm still stuck at Square One.*hair-tearing moment*

I've been sending in price quote and sample requests to numerous printers. And while the prices have all been good, the quality alas has fallen far short of what I was hoping for. After chatting with my old printer a bit the other day though (probably something I should have done a while ago), I found out the reason why was because most of the print-on-demand companies are optimized for text printing. Since that's the bulk of what they do. They're not so good when it comes to the quality of grayscale printing.

I'm crossing my fingers though that the current company I'm having conversations with will be able to print with the same quality of Inklings I. Waiting for their samples later this week with baited breath, and then hopefully I can get past this roadblock.

Meanwhile...sweating through this sudden heatwave. Poor freezer's icemaker can't keep up with me.


  1. best of luck with the printing issues ! glad to see it is something you are concerned with - i know of a few artists out there who would not care. shows your love for your work and your consideration for those who would purchase it.
    love the drawing too ! aside from the obvious, it reminds me of neptune's horses by walter crane, which i'd fallen in love with before having seen the last unicorn :)

  2. Yay!... for offering ink prints for sale. :) I'll be going over to deviantArt to have a look.

    Good luck with the printing issues. Will be in line to purchase. ;)

  3. There are some nice prints. I requested Winding wall. Had you planned on offering it as a print?

  4. Hi Amy! Yes, it was added along with all the others, but for some reason it's not actually showing on the page yet. I'd say give it another day or so. They do say it sometimes takes them a while to do all the quality control.

  5. Very nice ink drawings! Glad you have decided to sell prints! I wish you luck with finding the right printers and as your printer friend said, most of the more on demand printers companies are optimized for text printing. I have had the same issues in the past with local printers. Have faith that all will work out just fine :)) and it will.

  6. I know lulu.com does fairly well with graphics printing, but I have a strong suspicion they may not be the cheapest. In any case, I hope you will be able to get it all figured out in time!

    The ink prints are lovely. I'm sure DA appreciates the extra boost of support as well. I hadn't seen the Blue Rose image before either. You and your gallery full of hidden treasures!

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