Thursday, February 26, 2009

Magical Suitcase of Holding

Friends at conventions always make fun of my "magical suitcase of holding" that I manage to stuff most of my whole booth setup into for the shows. Appearing harried (and usually sleep deprived for time jumps to the east coast) on the day of, frenetically pulling out everything out in a whirlwind of prints and easels and art.

It's a little easier for the local shows. At least I don't have to pack everything down to miniature size and play guessing games with "How close are you to the 50lb. check-in luggage limit?" Not having a bathroom scale makes it a gamble.

"That's 51.5lbs," says the bored Delta check-in agent. "$25.00, would you like to pay that with cre--?"

"Wait a sec," I interrupt, unzipping the bag and hastily trying to redistribute 1.5lbs into my carry-on instead while those waiting behind me shift from one foot to the other in boredom and impatience.

"You're still .5lbs over," says the agent.

Rummage, rummage, rummage. Now the gambling game has turned instead to a game of chicken. The agent breaks first. "Okay, fine," she grumbles after I've been searching unsuccessfully to find that last .2lb item for the past minute. "It's good enough. Here's your seat number, gate number, have a nice flight. Next please!"

* * *

So I'm off to set up for WonderCon this weekend. Local show, so a little less scampering to do. Unfortunately will have to fight my way through San Francisco rush hour traffic to get in and set up later today. Not looking forward to that part. But the show will be fun. It's amazing how much it's grown in the past 7 years. I remember taking a peek at it in 2001 when it was still a baby show in Oakland at the Marriott hotel. Now it's grown to a quite respectable size.

Friday - Sunday
San Francisco Moscone Center South
747 Howard Street
For detailed information, see:
"Coming off its biggest and most successful year ever, WonderCon is gearing up for its 23rd year as a Bay area tradition. The comics and popular arts convention returns to Moscone Center South for another three-day weekend run on February 27 through March 1. More than 29,000 people attended the show in 2008, and 2009 promises to be another incredible convention experience for fans from all over!"

I will be set up in the exhibit hall artist alley area with prints, books, and originals. Booth AA105, listed in the program book under Shadowscapes. Please feel free to drop me a note if there are any special requests for any prints or originals you wish to see at the show.


  1. would LOVE to go alas ... i am an east coaster :( have a wonderful time and make lots of sales !

  2. I plan to get back to ny comic-con one of these days!

  3. Heh, somehow I've developed a sixth sense when it comes to packing check-in luggage. Last two times, I was 49.5 lbs. I was so proud of myself.

    It's even worse now that most airlines are charging per check-in bag, plus overweight fees.

    Have fun at Wondercon!

  4. It's amazing how close you can come without actually really weighing. I'm always amazed that I'm within two pounds one way or the other every time. And yeah, it's unfortunately getting incrementally more expensive with everyone charging for every little thing!

  5. I don't have Brenda's sense of packing within the limit. I've watched her do's amazing to see!

    I've been wondering how the heck I'm going to transport my booth when I get into doing artist alley in other arenas besides my local one. I suspect I'll be doing road trips in my poor little hatchback instead of flying.

    Best of luck at the con! It's always a wonderful feeling to see something you played a part in during its early forms take shape:)

  6. well i don't go to cons or do shows further than a 3-4 hour drive but i can sympathize - to an extent. i don't have the weight constraints but we've got to pack our beads, the displays, business cards, books, glass vessels ... etc. thank goodness our table isn't elaborate. hey, any chance i can get you all to post a picture of your boothes ? just curious - from an artistic standpoint. i'll put one up on my blog site - in case anyone's interested :)

  7. Well I don't have a full booth at this one, it's just an artist alley spot, but I'll try to take a photo tomorrow.