Friday, March 14, 2014

Size: 9x13 inches
Medium: Watercolor
Prints ($16.95) & Detail closeups -available here-

She is a creative force, coaxing forth growth, both the physical evidenced in the unfurling leaves, and the spiritual, embodied by the butterflies. She bathes in the life-giving warmth and light of the sun. She is partnered in her dance and song of creation, with the sun. She IS the sun.

"Effervesce" is a commissioned painting, meant to be a companion piece to "Lightness".

* * *

Some of the in progress sketches:

Initial figure sketch & some various thumbnail ideas for the background and composition. The figure came pretty easily for this piece. Sometimes I have to struggle with the concept a lot more. Her pose is an echo of Shiva's dance of creation (and destruction).

Client wasn't really going for the background proposals, so I had another thought, which is what we ended up going with.

Scanned and pieced together sketches in photoshop to get the rough idea of the placement and proportion of various elements.

Final sketch ready to paint.


  1. Superb ... Such a clean line, on your board. Steph I notice the drawing you scanned in, hasn't got the same amount of detail that your finished board drawing has... Do you work on the detail digitally, and then print it out on tracing paper or directly on your board
    P.s the painting is beautiful ... but you know that :)

    1. No, leave a lot of fine detail unfinished in the earlier sketch phases and refine it as I go, with each further step.

  2. Reading on face book about your miniature watercolours on canvas... I've found that waterproof pva glue from hardware store makes a good varnish ... It goes on opaque but drys clear with a semi gloss finish ...