Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Size: 8.5x14 inches
Medium: Watercolors, ink, metallics, gold
Original painting ($925.00), Prints ($16.95) and Detail closeups available -here-

The tempo increases, and we must follow, drawn on by the rhythm and the music that beats through the earth into the soles of our feet.

The next part of the Stag Sonata Cycle series:

* * *
Some of the in progress sketches:

The initial thumbnails and composition brainstorming.

Scanned from sketchbook and the fiddled around with more definitive composition with rough lines in photoshop.
Final prepared sketch ready for painting.


  1. Wonderful work Steph, and a golden globe. I was reading your statement about dreams, the dual realities of day and night. I was wondering if you ever have premonitions, or experience other Phenomenon. You seem on the one hand, a very
    organised, and practical person, yet your Art and Writing suggest that of esoteric mystic...?

    1. You're not the first to have commented on that dichotomy of my existence. :)

  2. It's just that I've always have an healthy scepticism towards mysticism, but always keep an open mind to experiences I have personally encountered in my life. during my childhood I would sometimes have on occasions "Déjà vu", probably like many people, it would flash into my mind in a wing beat, dissolve again just as quickly, but you could never prove it ... In my late teens, and early twenties I had a few premonitions in the form of dreams, some of them you could loosely interpret, that would sort of fit the circumstance of a few week later. most we're not very conclusive, apart from one, about a year ago, when my daughter was trying for a child, I had a very vivid dream early in the morning, I saw my daughter quietly siting up in bed, and I saw her expression, it was one of being very relaxed, and a slight smile on her face. Knowing that a that she was very stress with work, and desperate
    to conceive, (since she was thirty five) I wonder why she was so relaxed then, then the penny dropped the she was pregnant. When my wife woke up, I told her about my dream and to remember the date. Two days later, my daughter phoned to say she was pregnant, and the early morning of the very same day, I had the dream, she had a tested positive with one those kits, and was waiting for her husband to wake up, to tell him the good news. I did not tell jenny about my dream until she had told me what day she had found out about her condition ... If I had heard anyone else's story of this kind, I would always be a little sceptical, but when it's one self, for me, it's evidence that's there more to life than has yet been discovered by science ...

  3. This is absolutely stunning. Beautiful work!