Saturday, December 14, 2013

Green Flash
Size: 9x12 inches
Medium: Watercolor, ballpoint pen, india ink, metallic watercolors, gel pens
Detail closeup and prints ($15.00) available -here-

It happened in the green flash as the disk of the sun slipped beneath the horizon. The stars began to gleam like inverse shadows in the far corners of the sky, and the moon’s pale presence shone. The veil between the worlds rippled, and then as if that fabric could no longer contain the fullness of the Otherworld, it tore.

Not quite a gateway, nothing so substantial. The tear rippled down the path that the setting sun had blazed across the waters of the lake, and the arc of the Milky Way reflected in a corridor of stars.

A flock of swans spread their wings and flew above that path to the far shore, and the beating of their wings was a horrible and beautiful summons. The rhythm vibrated through my fingertips and made the soles of my feet itch. I wanted to follow them. I wanted it more than anything I have ever desired.

1 comment:

  1. this is gorgeous
    dreamy wonderland
    thank you for sharing your words- they took me there

    once i saw the green flash
    between the sun setting in the Hawaiian ocean, blue and gold, green flash, i was amazed, my heart will never be the same.