Sunday, June 30, 2013


Medium: Watercolors
Size: 9.7x19.1 inches
For detail closeup views, prints ($16.95), and original painting ($950.00) -click here-

I've been spending most Friday evenings of the past month at the Oakland Art Museum for food, live music, and to sit in one of my favorite spots and watch the koi swim in the long pond.
Here's another blog entry I did recently with more koi sketches. They're mesmerizing to watch, as they glide through the dark water. The ripples mix with the reflections of the trees and the flash of red, silver, and gold as they slip under the surface.

That was the initial inspiration. After having them swim through my subconscious for a few weeks, I scribbled these rough ideas into my sketchbook.
And a more consolidated concept started to arise.
 Leading to the final sketch, ready to paint.
 Color rough in Photoshop.
 Working on the painting, using the color rough as a guide, as well as some photos taken during my koi-watching sessions at the museum.


  1. This is a beautiful piece, I have had koi swimming through my consciousness lately as well and have been reflecting on their symbolism- strength and tenacity.

  2. I love your art so much ... It always takes me into another world only by looking at it. AWESOME

  3. Wow...this is absolutely beautiful. Your work is so inspiring.

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    1. beautiful Stephanie. I love Koi. I love all the nature (cats, foxes,birds, fish etc) you put in your paintings. so gorgeous.