Friday, June 14, 2013

Koi in the Trees

It's Friday again, and I was at the Oakland Art Museum once more. My favorite spot is at the koi pond. Some of the fish are two feet long. They glide through the dark water in a cascade of gold and white and glinting grey. 

The surface of the pond reflected the trees from up above the wall, and so the fish looked like they moved through a forest of upside-down branches and sky.

 The other side of the reflection. i.e. the actual tree and people up above.

Tribal belly dancers  from the previous week.


  1. Always a fan of the white highlights on grey tone sketches. What instruments are you using for the grey shading and white highlights? Lovely form and line work with your sketching. I tend to be far more in precise (and by in precise I mean sloppy as hell) with my lines when I sketch. Far more searching.

    I also marvel at artist who can sketch people in motion, especially multiple people like this. The movement throws me off quite a lot and I end up losing the form and gestures. This is great though. Lovely.

    1. Hi Scott! Glad to hear you're enjoying them! These are the tools I use:

      As for movement, it gets easier with more practice. It's not easy for me either, which is why I try to do these sketches!

  2. Beautiful sketches again! I think you captured the movement of the fish really well :)