Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dreamdance: Harmony

Dreamdance Oracle: Harmony
Size: 9x13 inches
Medium: watercolors
detail closeups and prints: -here-

Basis for this one is Chinese classical court dance. According to Satyr:
The image is drawn from the tale of the esteemed poet Shangguan Wan’er, who judged two of her fellow poets from the top of a tower in order to find the one who best captured the essence of the coming night. “No need to worry that the bright moon will fade,” said the wining poem; “the pearl of night is soon to arrive.”

Some of the initial sketches.

Couldn't decide between the two poses at first, so I tried them both out.

Settled on the left image. Refined and transferred the sketch to the illustration board.

Color rough digitally, to get some of the basic tones and a general concept for the colors of the piece.

In progress painting:



  1. Like all your works, its absolutly amazing. Yoy art has me kinda attributing animals to people in my life based on their output of energies. Sounds weird but, thank you Stephanie for the inspiration. Peace.

  2. Really beautiful!

  3. Amazing. Stuning. Beautiful.

  4. this piece is incredibly beautiful. she moves like a dancer in my mind and heart. thank you for sharing the stages, they are a joy to see.

  5. Which you paint there are charmful and beautiful
    A Fairytales!
    thank you for showing hugs also Stephanie

  6. Do you ever do one on one teaching? It would be awesome to learn from you. :D

  7. I would be first in line if you did!