Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Size: 9x13 inches
Medium: Watercolors
Prints available: -here-

Basis for this card is krump.  Started with watching lots of krump dance videos on youtube. Freeze-frame sometimes to try to capture certain poses. Did a series of quick gesture drawings to get the feel of the body and the movements of the dance.

The other aspect of this piece was the lion that would be on top of the wall. Again, a few quick sketches. Also some thumbnails for the composition.

Got the idea to have dancing shadows along the wall.Tried a few of those. Another version with the main figure just walking, along and the only the shadows dancing. Not active enough for Defiance though.

All the pieces came together. I scanned all the sketches, then played around with the position of everything in photoshop. Enlarged some pieces, shrunk others, moved the shadows around on the wall.

Finalized sketch on the board.

Did a rough color thumbnail, as I described in my previous post about Joy. Bright sky blue door to really pop out from all the other colors.

In progress painting shot. Worked from the background to the foreground. Started with the lion, because that was the easiest part of this piece for me. The grungy darkness comes hard for me!

Final painting.


  1. Have never heard about this dance, gonna have to check U-tube too...
    Love that your signature is graffiti! :)

  2. I wish I had just a tiny bit of your imagination. i sit for hours sometimes trying to figure out what i want to draw. It has to be fantasy though. I love to escape and want the viewer to feel what i do. it is hard though. I have so much practice to do. this article is a great way to get ideas though. just skimming around you tube and other places to get a feel of what you can paint and/or draw. I started doing it with mags and pics i've taken. Just looking at the different photos i have and it is starting to get my creative juices going other than copying from other people. I am still in a learning process but your books help me so much. I have learned so much from you. It was your art that has made me able to cope with my disability and the physical pain from it and put myself totally into my love of art again.thank you. By the way..... Love the painting!!!!!!! everything you do is just AWESOME!!!!

  3. Stunning.......that's all I can say.

  4. Robin, that's so amazing to hear. I'm so honored that my books have been able to inspire you like that!

  5. wow, great work again... it's such a different setting and still your unique style :D I love it