Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Solitude of the Sky

Size: 12x18 inches
Medium: Watercolors
Original painting, detail closeups, and prints available -here-
Sketches -here-


  1. Amazing! I love how the dragon's wings blend into the sky and the bright spots in the maiden's hair *loooves*

  2. Thank you for showing beginning to end. It's so inspiring. This one in particular is a wow worthy :)

  3. I love the feeling of freedom in this painting, it's amazing! Thanks for sharing, I love your work :)

  4. Hej! When I was in US 2008 I found your book "Dreamscapes" in a store and couldn´t let it go, I had to buy it! Now, 2012, just a few days ago, I suddenly discovered your tarot at internet and that led me to your websites. You´re paintings etc, are so beautiful and you´re so talented! This semester I´ve had a longing to paint but to much work has exhausted me... but then I became sick. One evening when I´d sleep I "saw" a woman in a tree, very greenish artwork, and I thought it was very beautiful. A few days later I found your tarot/websites at internet and could see the similaries with the painting I saw when I´d sleep :) Besides ordering books and tarot, I now have begun to paint. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and technics :)

  5. Yes. It's a feeling of freedom! I'm so inspirited by this painting! Great thanks!