Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Medium: watercolors
Size: 11x11 inches
Detail closeups -here-
Prints and original available -here-

For my personal Christmas cards this year, if I can get around to getting them printed up and mailed in time, moving at the snail's pace I've been going this year! Played around with my box of blue magic from Kremer. I love these pigments!

* * *

Some of the sketches and in progress shots:

Sketchbook scribbles. Brainstorming.

More sketchbook brainstorming.

Playing with composition in photoshop, combined face and tilt of head and neck from one sketch with the attitude and pose of the body from another. I liked the movement that the diagonal from her arms created. The second figure felt too static. But her expression suited what I wanted.

Finalized transfer sketch.


  1. Beautiful Steph! ... I can imagine this as a staineglass window in our Cathedral... wow!...

  2. I really love the poses of these angels, the way the straight arms balance the curve of the wings. So beautiful, And your card's wonderful, inspirational in all the best senses of the word.

  3. Beautiful. The angel reminds me of a nurturing mother, full of grace, patience, and always caring towards others.