Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Queen of Night and Magic

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 12x15 inches

A cover for Kobold Quarterly Magazine. The fey queen, who rules of the faery Shadow Realm. Being presented with an entrapped firebird that she has long craved to possess.

First chance to do a painting in nearly two months. This has probably been the longest period of time I've gone without taking a brush to hand in the past decade.

And while we're bringing up the past decade, about halfway through this piece, it occurred to me that it looked familiar. I couldn't figure out how at first, but then I remembered an old painting that I had long removed from my website to make way for newer (better) work. "The Dreamweaver", from June 2000. Unconsciously I had echoed the color, composition, and even the shape of the tree and the figure's pose, right down to the angle of her body! Funny how the mind has patterns and concepts that one revisits over the years.

I'd like to think that this new painting is much better than the old one! It's a decade's worth of painting experience and practice after all that has filled the interim.


  1. there both beautiful pieces, but the new one is defiantly the grander of the two, when you draw for so long the only other way is to go is up, right? (at least that's what i keep telling myself! lol) ah, is great to be back on blogger and able to admire your wonderful work! <3

  2. Hehe, that is the hope! (Upwards trend, that is)

  3. I'm having an "old" moment remembering seeing that piece on Shadowscapes - I can't believe I have been following your work for almost 10 years! I think I originally found you on Elfwood.

    You have always amazed me, and your work has grown, but I think it's fun to see the similarities your subconcious comes up wth =)

  4. I adore your work :) I wish I could do something like this in the future. All the geometrical modernartness doesn't suit me very well, but that's all they seem to be taching us! I'm so glad I found you.

  5. I felt a sense of familiarity when I saw the finished painting. That is interesting how the paths of the mind converge. I can easily see the progress your painting has made, but, I still think the older one is very good.

  6. Happy New Year, Stephanie! First time I saw Your paintings few years ago and I fell in love with them. Keep on drawing, never stop :-)

  7. i do love them i do not know if you entended a pagan theam but that is my religon and they filled me with peace

  8. I love them both, but the technique is definitely both more precise and smoother in the latest one.