Saturday, January 4, 2014

Size: 14x14 inches
Medium: Mixed
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"Dreamsign" -- the elusive anomaly that a dreamer can learn to use to gain lucidity. It is a moment when clarity pierces the fog. Ironically it is often in the form of the nonsensical and out-of-place. Suddenly the fabrications of the mind become apparent as such. Exhilaration and control take the place of fear, anxiety, or confusion, and perhaps carry over in some small measure to the waking. Muhru is dreamsign. The sound of his wings beat like a pulse through all dreams, and he is the guardian of the thin line the separates the knowing from the unknowing.

* * *

Some of the in progress photos:

I have long wanted to revisit this concept from earlier 2013. The first piece was a very impromptu painting that emerged from the ink and paint splatters. I wanted to retain that dreamy emergence aspect of it while developing it more though.

Initial brainstorming and sketching.

Finalized sketch. I didn't do any pre-sketching for the background -- I was going to let that develop organically.
 Had an idea to make the key a little bit 3-dimensional. Originally thought to get out my paper clay and mold some of that, but it would involve opening a whole package for just a tiny bit of clay, and paper clay tends to dry out very quickly once the air-tight package is opened. So I went for just very thickly applied watercolor ground. Tried it out on a test scrap of paper first and was pleased with the results, so then I went ahead with it on the final painting.
Applied gold leaf to the raised key.


  1. Lovely textures, and gold leaf takes your Artwork to a new world... happy new year Steph ...looks like it's going to be a good one for you ...

    1. Thank you! it's been very exciting and fun for me to experiment.