Monday, November 25, 2013


Size: 8x9 inches
Medium: Watercolors, inks, white ground, metallic mediums
Detail closeups, Original ($399.00) and Prints ($16.95) -available here-

* * *
Some of the in-progress images:

Started off with a random wash of ink, metallic mediums, and a tint of color with watercolors. Turned the board all directions and let the wash drip and flow down the page. After that dried, used a wide flat brush with white watercolor ground and smoothed in some bright spaces.

Then I shoved it in the back of my drawer and ignored it for about 5 months. I have about a half dozen scraps of board like this sitting in my drawer at any given time these days. I just splatter them with paint and texture, and every once in a while pull a few of them out and see what shapes and images I can make out in the chaos. 

Sometimes one of them moves me to try and pull that image out. Some days none of them do anything for me and I shove them back into the drawer. Or  sometimes I decide there's nothing in that chaos at all and splatter another random layer of ink/mediums/watercolor across the page and let it dry to see what that will do to it.

On this particular day this piece started to speak to me. So I pulled it out and started trying to bring the hazy shadow of an image into realization. 

The white streaks reminded me of the delicate rivulets of distant waterfalls. Shadowy trees started carving out the space of the cliffs. And then a golden tree twisting around a spire-like overlook emerged in the foreground.


  1. I really like this. It is fun to pull out something from just a splattering of paint etc. It is like it is talking to you and showing you what it wants you to create. Beautiful Stephanie

  2. What a fantastic way to unearth new pieces. I'm definitely going to play with this with some of my scrap pieces of paper.