Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Travel Sketches - Kaua'i

Sketchbooks, pens, and paints came out with me on a trip to Kaua'i last week. In between swatting mosquitoes who decided that I was a sitting duck when painting (sitting tasty duck at that), I managed to do a few drawings and paintings while out and about.

Out at the beach while some clouds gather at the peak of the nearby mountain. Showers were on and off, but it was never very cold even when raining.

Even with mosquito repellant, they found me too tasty to resist. The price of this lower right sketch was 3 bites. 

Managed to find a spot up on a ridge where the windiness kept most of the bugs away. Only a few lone dragonflies winged about. Huge ones, 4 inches long.

Experimented with a quick brush pen sketch too.


  1. Wow! How beautiful it is there. Your sketches are awesome. I like the way you take reality and make it your own. Other than the mosquitoes you are so lucky to see such a beautiful place. I just look at your paintings or drawings and it feels like I'm there. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful place and your art with us. God Bless. I loved that tree you were sitting under. How beautiful that is. A lot of ideas can come just from all that texture. Thanks again.

  2. Lovely sketches. I like line work. They gave me some ideas. :)