Monday, September 23, 2013


10x14 inches
Prints($16.95) and original drawing ($350.00) -available here-

The profusion of spiders in my garden at this time of year have scuttled into my art again. I found this leaf on my tomato plant the other day:

The Honeybee was abuzzling bumbling
Out among the eaves
When she came across the Spider
Lurking in between the leaves.

“Come and visit,” urged the Spider.
“I’ve laid the best china out
   (The plates with dainty yellow flowers)
You’ve worked so hard this summer’s day,
You have a thirst, no doubt!”

The Honeybee abuzzled bumbled
Through the sappy bower,
And grew quite heavy with her load
Of pollen from the flowers.

“Come inside,” the Spider crooned,
“I’ve just made up the nest.
It’s downy soft, a lovely place
To settle down and rest.”

And so the Honeybee was lured
By words and sweetened sap
To still her buzzling wings a spell
And lay down for a nap.


  1. Love the poetry you so often include with the artwork. Thank you for continuing to inspire and educate. Just lovely.

  2. Sad poem but Amazing drawing. Beautiful.

  3. Stephanie, I'm commenting again because I feel I have to explain my comment. I think the other comments were getting a little defensive about your poem because I wrote that it was sad. Maybe I'm wrong and don't know why I feel I have to explain my comment but anyway here it is: I wrote sad ....not bad.... which means that I felt it in my heart. The poem was good enough to give me a feeling, the emotion of sadness. I love your writing like in your book "Between the Seams". The poems and stories make the art come alive giving the art a sense of realism, that it is much more than fantasy. I'm sure that is partly why I love your art so much. You make the art feel real. Anyway, that is my reason for stating that your poem was "sad"... Shine Brightly Beautiful Spirit

    1. No worries Robin. No offense was taken, and I understood what you meant!

  4. I like all of your works but this one amazed me even more than usually!

  5. The spider character is so kick-ass! I can feel her moving in the drawing with her deadly-looking legs lurking camouflaged under the soft webs...I love the story in the poem... you add such dimensions to your pieces by the extras you put in like that! Thank you for continuing to inspire me ^.^

  6. Beautiful painting; brilliant poem.