Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dreamdance: The Innocent

Medium: Watercolors
Size: 9x13 inches
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Satyros Phil Brucato writes for this card:

Innocence Dances beyond despair. For all the shit that life throws at us, the Innocent cannot be entirely defeated. Inviting you to left yourself above the ruins of mortality, this Dancer demonstrates graceful strength far beyond her apparent means. However fragile she appears, Innocence endures.
Like Classical ballet, however, innocence demands a heavy price. Both disciplines force us to stretch ourselves to the breaking point, defying the usual limits of mind, body, soul and circumstance. A wrong move can spell disaster, and so mindfulness and constant practice form the foundations of ballet and innocence. Despite impressions of childlike frivolity, the Innocent is a rebel, casting herself against oppression with strength of body, heart and will.

* * *

This was a piece with classical ballet as its inspiration. I started by watching lots of videos on youtube of various ballet pas de deux. I did several gesture drawings in my sketchbook from that.

Photoshopped a couple of compositions. Decided on the one on the left.  Too many directions on the other one.

Finalized sketch on the illustration board:

In progress painting. Skipped color rough for this piece, which I've been doing lately for almost all my paintings.  I had a fairly solid idea in mind already of what colors I was going to use.


  1. This piece is so whimsical and beautiful Stephanie! I love seeing your progress sketches and how the piece evolved along the way. Truly wonderful!

    - Sasha

  2. This is beautiful and I loved seeing the development of its making :)
    It is a wonderfully inspirational piece.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful again. I'm so much amazed by your artwork, again and again

  4. I love your painting!
    Would you ever consider doing a video tutorial of you actually painting?
    I wouldn't care if it was hours and hours long, I'd watch every second. Your tecnique is amazing and I can't get over how awesome all of your paintings are.