Friday, September 14, 2012

Smoke and Fire sketches

Commissioned piece designed to match with Climbing the Dragon Gate III. More of a smoke and fire theme rather than water.

First pass at a sketch. Waffled on it for a while. I did like it, but it feels too static and posed. This dragon just floats there, rather than writhing across the page, and that movement is what I want for something that should embody smoke and flame. Tried uncoiling the tail from that loop around the lower body, but that was part of what I liked with it; so I tried another sketch.

Second sketch. Like the movement in this much better. Also, better works to complement the original piece that this is meant to match.

Finalized sketch ready for painting.

Started painting.


  1. Love seeing the progress on the sketches. Love the background and can't wait to see the dragon in all its glory!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm doing a report on my fave. artist in art class and it's on you!! SUCH a big fan! :D

  3. Love seeing WIP posts and seeing pieces come to life. There's a really beautiful fluidity to your pieces, the dragon ones in particular.

  4. Thank you for showing your WIP. It's always a privilege to see how artists work.

  5. I don`t know... glory or not, but I have just tried to paint dragons from your book as a simple copy-sketch and it is difficult to me else. To create a new dragon is the creative process and professional. Several animals in one body is fantastic result, may be like The Nature do...