Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some L5R Art

Found a bunch of these that I had forgotten to post when the product was released last year. Some Legend of Five Rings cards that I did a while back.

From the set Before the Dawn:

Wisdom of Fukurokujin

Blessing of Inari

I teased Jim Pinto, the art director on the project with this initial sketch for Inari instead, which in the initial art description was called "Fortune of Rice":

Spite of Ekibyogami
* * *

From the set Empire at War:

Ride the Wave

Samurai Vessel

* * *

From the set War of Honor

Wall of Air
The original watercolor paintings for all of these are available if you click on the images.


  1. These are just stunning, stunning! Just WOW :-) Really like the colours of the last three. Would love to see some more of these if you have any...

  2. I like Samurai Vessel more than others. Wonderful colors! The others are brilliant too. Thank you very much!

  3. It's too bad Jim is no longer with AEG. He was a blast to work with!

  4. Oh yes, he was always one of my favorite ADs!

  5. I was flipping through the L5R book the other day just because I saw it out at a friends and might be playing one of these days and all the sudden started interupted their conversation going "WAIT! I know who this is! Awesome!" Cool to now see your post on it!