Saturday, May 8, 2010

Keyword Sketch Cards

Some samples, for those who were confused as to what the keyword sketch cards were, or asked how detailed these would be, or just are plain curious and want to see more drawings! From the top left going clockwise: Threshold, Badger, Fox, Cat, Water, Sun

So far I am thoroughly enjoying doing these sketches, and I hope the recipients enjoy getting them in the mail! I was a bit wary of letting people pick a subject for the sketches for fear of being overwhelmed, but I have to say it has turned out to be quite a good thing, giving me a little spark of an idea to start off with so that each one is unique.


  1. that is great personalization. Steph, everything you do is brilliant.

  2. I guess it's like doing aceos james, i haven't ever done those before!

  3. Thanks for the examples. I ordered yesterday; I hope my keyword wasn't too weird. ;-)